Nose Wire Removing instructions

Your face masks comes with a removable nose wire.  Being able to remove the nose wire have many benefits.  It will allow you to wash your face mask in the washing machines without shortening the life of the nose wire.  You can replace it if it does break.  You can change to a stronger or weaker wire as you see fit.  You can even wear without the nose wire.  

To remove the nose wire, please refer to the following pictures:

1. Turn to the inside of the mask.  Locate the opening on the right side of the mask.


2. Flip open to get to the inside of the mask.  Locate the small pocket that holds the metal nose wire.


3. The nose wire pocket is a little bigger than the nose wire itself.  You may need to snake out the nose wire.  It's much easier to slide out if you straighten the nose wire.  Once the tip of the nose wire is exposed, you can pull out the nose wire.  To replace the nose wire, please locate the nose wire pocket and slide it in place.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.